How to Hardflip on a Skateboard?

Hardflip!!! Another thrilling trick to get more fun with a skateboard. You should hear about it before and may also willing to learn this trick. If you need help, you can follow this article. Because this article contains complete information and tactics about hardflip. You can understand the mechanism of this trick from the tactics part. So, read this article, know how to hardflip and don’t miss any step.

What is hardflip?

Hardflip is a combination of front side pop shove it and kickflip trick.

Hardflip on a Skateboard

In this trick, the board will flip between your legs. Actually, this trick is a little hard like its name. But it is not impossible. You can learn it if you are an intermediate rider or a beginner with decent skill and controllability. And you need to learn the frontside pop shove it and kickflip trick before learning it.

Trick formula

Front side pop shove-it + kickflip = hardflip.


If you have learned the skateboarding tricks which have been described in the previous paragraph, you can follow the steps below to learn the hardflip trick. I don’t forbid you to try this trick if you are a complete beginner but it may be pretty tough for you to learn.

Step 1- Get some speed

Push the board and gain some speed. Get ready for the next step when you get a comfortable speed. It will help you to increase the momentum of your hardflip.

Step 2- Foot placement for a hardflip

Now, place your foot on the deck for hardflip. Let’s know the hardflip foot placement technique from bellow-

Front foot

Place your front foot in the middle of the deck as same as the kickflip position by hanging slightly.

Back foot

The back foot will be placed on the concave point of the tail. You need to place the ball of your back foot on the tail by hanging your heel.

Step 3- Crouch and pop

Crouch your body by bending your knees. After crouching enough, raise up and get ready to pop up.

Now, snap the tail with your back foot to pop the board. Snap hardly and scoop slightly to spin the board towards the front side.

Step 4- Jump up and slide your front foot

At the same time jump up from the board as high as you can and slide your front foot off the corner of the deck to rotate it. The board will flip vertically under your feet as it is flipping and spinning in the same direction.

Step 5- Catch the board

After complete spinning, grab the board with your front foot and bring another foot back on the board.

Step 6- Land off

Land off the board on your both feet. Bend your knees and balance yourself by your arms and skate away.

Video tutorial of hardflip


To learn hardflip easily, here are some tips for you:

  1. You may think that you need to learn front side flips before learning this trick since it is same as the front side flip. But it is wrong.
  1. If you want to do fakie hardflip, you just need to switch your stance. But it is really hard to control the board. Don’t try it unless being skilled enough.
  1. To learn this trick easily, at first be the master in kick flip and front side pop shove-it.
  1. This trick is a little hard, for this reason, you have to possess enough skill. So improve your skill by learning few basic tricks before trying it.
  1. You may not be able to learn this trick in your first practice. Keep practicing and hold your patience.
  1. Read the tactics more than 2 times. To understand the tactics clearly, you can watch a hardflip video from YouTube. You won’t be able to learn a trick unless knowing its tactics and formula completely.
  1. Break the trick into pieces and practice them separately before practicing the complete trick. This method works perfectly to learn quickly and easily.
  1. Jump as high as you can because the jumping motion of this trick is unfamiliar to other tricks.


Wear safety gear

Skateboarding is a risky job and practicing new tricks is riskier. So, don’t forget to wear your safety gear while learning this trick.

Try this with decent skill

If you are a beginner, don’t try this trick without decent skill. This trick is really hard to learn.

Take help from an expert

If possible get help from an expert on this trick.


Read the tactics to learn this trick but read the whole article if you want to learn perfectly because every part of this article is very important to learn hardflip. Learn how to hardflip on a skateboard and make skateboarding enjoyable.

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