How to Tre flip (360 flips) on a Skateboard?

Have you learned kickflip, pop-shove-it, and 180 tricks? Have you gained a little skateboarding skill? If the answers are positive, it is time for you to learn the Tre flip to get more thrill and fun with your skateboard.

Moreover, if you are interested in learning the Tre flip, you are in the right place. Because I am here to tell you what is Tre flip and how to tre flip? So, read this article attentively to learn this trick easily and quickly.

What is Tre flip?

Well, Tre flip is known by different names like 360 flips, 360 kickflips, three flips and others. It is a basic type of advanced trick, so it is a little tough but easy to learn. To learn this trick successfully, you should need a little skill and control over skateboarding.

Moreover, you just need to master few basic tricks like kickflip and shove it to get a better result because this trick is a variation of a kickflip and shove it. However, you can still try it without learning those two basic tricks, but it may be a little tough for you then.


Now, gear up your safety and follow the steps properly.

Tre flip (360 flips) on a Skateboard

Step 1: Foot placement

Keep your front foot on the deck as you stand for a kickflip. Place it at a 45-degree angle by keeping two or more inches far from the front bolt.

Place the ball of the back foot on the concave point of the tail (also known as curvature of the tail) by hanging slightly. It will help you to get the spin

Step 2: Pop and spin

Snap the tail with your back foot to pop the board up. While the board pops up, spin the board at the same time by sliding your back foot on the tail at a curved angle like the pop-shove-it.

Scoop the board while popping it. Scoop is the main fact in this trick. So try to get underneath the board but not so much. After scooping the board, flick the board with your feet as like as you are doing a kickflip.

Step 3: Jump a little higher

Jump forward by keeping your feet 2 feet high from the board and twist it to spin.

Step 4: Wait for the right moment to catch the board

If you follow the previous three steps, the board will do a 360-degree spin under your feet. Keep an eye on the board’s spinning. While the grip tape reappears after completing a 360 flip, catch the board with your feet.

First, catch it with your front foot and replace your back foot on the deck quickly after catching it. Try to keep the board parallel with the ground in the air.

Step 5: Land the board off.

Bring your board back on the ground by landing on all four wheels at the same time.

Step 6: Absorb the shock

Absorb the shock by bending your knees. Besides, Balance your body with your arms.

Finally: The job is done

Thank you, you have completed the Tre flips dude. All you need to do is now ride away with a smile on your face.

Tutorial Video:

To watch the video of how to tre flipclick here.


  • This trick is a little hard so don’t get impatient. Keep practicing.
  • Try to learn pop-shove-it first.
  • There is a lot of difference between 360 flips and varials. So don’t try to do varials.
  • Try to learn backside flips, fakie big flips, and regular backside flips along with the Tre flip. It will help you to increase your pop up skill.
  • If you learn few varial kickflips before this trick, you may able to get the mechanism of Tre flip quickly which will help you to learn and increase your skill in this trick.
  • Keep practicing and practicing. It will help you to master the trick.


  • Jump higher to avoid hitting your ankles during the spin.
  • This trick is not for absolute beginners. Make sure that you have decent skill and controllability over skateboarding.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety gear especially the helmet and pads because it is a risky trick for beginners. You can fall off from the board anytime while practicing.
  • Don’t get nervous while practicing. Stay relax and try gently.


Hope you can get enough idea about Tre flip. Read the tactics more times along with the video to get the trick mechanism in your mind deeply. Don’t get frustrated by any failure, keep practicing with an active mind. Once you must able to do this trick to prove yourself as an advanced rider.

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