Longboard VS Skateboard: What is the Difference?

Longboard Vs Skateboard is the term closely related and with a bit the difference in regard to a range of various aspects.

The looks and get-up, functionality, hardware materials, technical construction, riding style, etc. of these two sporting apparatus are almost same, but have the specific individuality between the longboards and skateboards.

The new users sometimes confused that which one they should buy for sporting purposes.

This article will not only help you to understand the distinction between longboard vs skateboard, but also will provide you the valuable knowledge of which one you have to choose.

Longboard VS Skateboard

Longboard VS Skateboard

The most visible disparity is that the longboard is practically a bit longer than the skateboard. The question of purchasing one is solely yours that for what purpose you will pick them up. It may be cruising, commuting and traveling or fun and trick making.

As per your necessity, you can buy one among the huge variety of longboard and skateboard currently available. After running through this article, you will be completely knowledgeable about these riding tools and can pick one up for your personal use.

The most researched comparison of longboard Vs skateboard we found are as follows:

#1 Deck Construction

Deck Construction

Both for longboard or skateboard, the deck is the most vital part. The longboard has a wide variety of shapes. It may be a traditional cruiser, Drop-down, Drop-through, Pintail, Kicktail or concave shape. Usually, the shape of the skateboard is oval and kicktail design at both ends. The length of the longboard is typically 28 to 55 inches and width about 7 to 11 inches.

On the other hand, you will find the skateboard is around 24 to 33 inches long and 7 to 10.5 inches in width. The weight of the skateboard is less than the longboard, so, it is easy to carry when you do not use it. You can easily keep the skateboard in a small size space or college box.

#2 Truck Maneuverability

The truck of the longboard and skateboard is mostly made of aluminum alloy. The truck is the only part that is made of metal and it makes a strong but responsive bonding among the deck, wheel, and bearing. You can easily and comfortably take turns because the strong truck is used in both respects. A longboard truck is a little bit bigger and stiffer than a skateboard truck. Also, it is less responsible than a skateboard.

But, a skateboard truck is much responsive and lighter as well as smaller than a longboard. The skateboard truck maneuverability and turning capability are better than a longboard. You will find the truck of the skateboard better for trick making and maximum carving.

Truck Maneuverability

#3 Wheel Structure

In most cases, the wheel of the longboard is a square shape, and the size is bigger than the wheel uses in the skateboard. Usually, the longboard wheel’s measurement is from 65 to 80 mm in diameter. Sometimes the longboard may need to move on the rough surface. In this case, it uses a soft polyurethane grip wheel so that it can run smoothly and assure maximum stability.

The wheel of the skateboard is generally round shape that can roll fast and comes in different sizes. The larger diameter of the skateboards is around 55–85 mm, and the smaller diameters are 48–54 mm. The small-size wheel keeps the skateboard’s deck close to the ground that offers the lower center of gravity and stability with fast turning.

#4 Use of Bearing

In respect of both the longboard and skateboard, typically, uses the steel made bearing. But, sometimes the skateboard bearing is made of silicon nitride and ceramic. The silicon and ceramic-made bearing are faster and smoother than the steel bearing. But, in both cases, the bearing is rated as per the ABEC scale. If the ABEC rating is high, the bearing quality is better than the lower one within the scale of ABEC-5, 7,9,11.

#5 Balance and Stability

Balance and stability are important issues for riding the longboard and skateboard. You can keep the longboard in a more balancing position because of its spacious deck, wide trucks, and big size as well as soft square shape wheels. A larger deck also provides much stability than a smaller one. Large truck and wheel provide sufficient grip and speed on the unusual surface.

Moreover, the longboard deck comes with some technical shapes to ensure proper balance in various riding styles. This is why you can do the downhill carving, cruising, commuting, traveling and long distance riding easily by a longboard.


On the other hand, due to the small size deck, the skateboard is less stable at riding, and you have to be more conscious about keeping the balance at the riding moment, but its maneuverability is better than a longboard. Both sidekick tail design skateboards are used for making tricks; that kind of skateboard does not offer essential stability for long distance journeys.

The truck of the skateboard is much responsive and flexible than a longboard. It is very important for making tricks and fast maneuverability. Most of the skateboard wheel is hard and round. This is why it does not provide adequate grip and balance on crack or rough terrain.

#6 Maneuverability

The most important factor in riding a longboard and a skateboard is maneuverability. In this regard, the longboard is less maneuverable than the skateboard. As longboard’s deck is long in size and it is not easy to maneuver so fast.

It’s a truck much wider and tighter than a skateboard and you can’t take a sharp or quick turn like a skateboard. Because of the skateboard’s small size and flexible instrument, you can easily maneuver and control it for making tricks.

#7 Long Distance Travelling

When you raise the longboard vs skateboard issue, long distance traveling is the question.

Also, you need much stability and balance for long distance transportation. Here, the answer is “longboard”; it is more suitable for such travel. The longboard has a spacious deck and it gives enough space for comfortable standing for a long time.


The wheels and trucks of the longboard are comparatively bigger than the skateboard and appropriate for long distance traveling. At the time of such traveling, you must need more stability and durability that a longboard can offer naturally than a skateboard.

#8 Riding Style

The riding style is the most vital in respect of the longboard vs skateboard debate. The longboard is used for a range of riding styles. You can use it for cruising whatever it is a short or long distance. The city commuting is more enjoyable by a longboard.

For college transportation, it is the most preferable one; you can go to the college and return to the home by riding longboard safely and smoothly. It is ideal for downhill riding where you can keep maximum balance while high speed rolling. Freeride or freestyle is also a suitable style that you can do by the longboard. It is easy to do the back and forth for carving at cruising with a longboard.


Besides, the skateboard is usable made for tricks and fun making at Skate Park, backyard or sidewalk. There are various tricks style you can do with a skateboard. Such as kickflip, mc-twist, Ollie, switch stance, goofy-foot, backflip, pressure flip, ramp, and footplant are the most popular skateboard making tricks or riding styles.

#9 Riding Surface

The riding surface is one of the burning questions in the debate on the longboard vs skateboard. What kind of surface is suitable for riding the longboard and skateboard that new users can easily choose the right one for them? If one is interested in cruising and commuting regularly on the normal road, she/he can pick up a longboard. In this regard, concrete surface and the roadway are usual for riding the longboard. Sometimes the surface may be rough enough; however, the soft wheel of the longboard is appropriate for such a roadway. The downhill surface is also suitable for moving the longboard easily.

On the other hand, for the skateboard, there is no limitation for the roadway. Actually, you don’t need any roadway for skating; you can roll it anywhere in your area if you are a pro rider. You can use sidewalk corner, railing pipe, skating park, etc. It can show the better performance on the surface of the skate park, specially-made skate path, the Lake Wall path, footpath, etc. The user can comfortably use the skateboard on the surface of the Skate Park with various tricks.

#10 Speed

The speed of the longboard and skateboard depends on the wheel and bearing used in it as well as the size of it. In most cases, the longboard uses the bigger wheel and the skateboard uses the smaller wheel. Naturally, the longboard gets more speed than the skateboard. Because a bigger wheel has more acceleration capability besides smaller. Every spin of a big size wheel crosses more paths than small size. This is why it rolls fast.

The skateboard is usually made in a view of good maneuverability, not for high-speed rolling. The parts of the skateboard are not suitable for high-speed spinning. You can’t use it for downhill riding or speed boarding. I will suggest you buy a longboard if you need high-speed cruising of moving the board.

Benefits of Longboard

Benefits of Longboard

You can get a range of benefits from the longboard. It is a sports apparatus that you can use for physical fitness by using various riding styles. Commuting and traveling as well as the city tour are the most common uses of the longboard. You can also use the longboard for some sorts of tricks and fun making, like Ollie and flip kick along with lots of carvings.

The downhill and freestyle riding is natural with the longboard. If you are first-time users and want to use the longboard for commuting purposes, like going to college and return or city touring, you can start with a longboard. It is also a steady carrier so that you can use it in a risk-free manner. It is a highly stable and easy to ride instruments.

Benefits of Skateboard

Benefits of Skateboard

By skateboard, you can do the usual skating on the plain surface. But, more specifically, you can use the skateboard for making tricks. You can do lots of fun; partake in the skating competition and so. If you want to make fun and tricks, you can purchase a skateboard, though you need to have the expertise for doing so.

And if you are a new user and determine to ride the skateboard, you have to be a little bit caucus at riding. A most important benefit of the skateboard is that with maneuvering properly, you can enjoy the tricks like Ollie, switch stance, goofyfoot, backflip, flip kick as well as pumping and carving. It is not easy to make some tricks for a newbie.

Final Verdict

Therefore, the issue of longboarding vs skateboard is not a topic that you can solely conclude about a certain one. Both have some individual options of riding and benefits. However, most of the new users like the longboard for ensuring risk-free traveling and commuting. Because keeping balance and steady and firm-riding is usual and comfortable with the longboard.

If you have decided to buy the best skateboards for salethen remember the above benefits. The fast and expert riders will, of course, can use the skateboard easily with amusement.

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